For Men: Hydrating and Skin Restoring Face Balm And Lip Balm Duo - Hydrates and Repairs

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Product Overview

Our face balm is perfect for the active and outdoor lifestyle, just gently rub on your skin, massage until absorbed and continue on your adventure. The Lip Balm hydrates your lips and protects them from environmental damage. Nutrient rich oils and butters are combined to give your skin the nutrients it needs to be healthy, hydrated and naturally anti-aging. Beeswax provides protection to your skin from weather and environmental effects. Important anti-oxidant vitamins, A, C and E, accelerate cell regeneration and increase collagen and elastin for firm, smooth, healthy skin. Packaged in a biodegradable tube.

  • HYDRATES: Natural oils and butters deeply hydrate your lips and skin to restore a youthful look and keep lips and skin healthy and youthful. Deep moisturizing oils, along with mango butter, hydrate the deep layers of your skin. Can be used on both the face and scalp.

  • SOOTHES: Oils with anti-inflammatory properties and rich in nutrients soothe and rebuild healthy, clear skin. This face balm relieves common skin conditions and irritations and protects against environmental causes of irritation.

  • RESTORES: Plant based ingredients contain vitamins, anti-oxidants and fatty acids that restore healthy, anti-aging skin at every age. With long term use, the face balm rebuilds collagen and strengthens the skin’s hydration barrier, giving your skin a permanent, healthy transformation.

  • PROTECTS: Kokum butter and castor oil are known for their restoring properties, helping dry, chapped lips regain their health and hydration. Beeswax gives your lips a protective coating to prevent further environmental damage.


  • Lip balm easy to apply and spreads easily over the lips
  • Long lasting, hydration and protection last for hours
  • The longer you use, dry, chapped lips will improve to be soft and hydrated
  • Fresh, masculine scent for face balm
  • Absorbs easily
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Permanent results start to show after 28 days and every month as your skin regenerates, it will become healthier, firmer and clearer
  • Vegan and gluten free formula and certified cruelty free.

For more information on all the oils, visit our Ingredients page.

USE:  Gently rub on face and bare scalp and massage into skin until absorbed.  Can be used day or night, and can be used with moisturizers and serums. Apply lip balm as needed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review