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How often do you use the products?

It depends upon your individual skin.  It is recommended to use Bel Essence products twice a day, morning and night.  If you have extremely dry skin, you may find that you need to use the products more frequently, at least to start.  Start with a small amount of product in each application, and increase according to how quickly your skin absorbs the product.  Your skin should feel soft and hydrated after the application, but you should not feel extra product on your skin.  Once you see how quickly your skin absorbs the product and how long the effects last, you can adjust your usage, a little more or a little less in each application, depending on your skin type.  As your skin’s health improves, you may find you can adjust your usage further, and find a routine that maintains your skin’s health.  

Do I have to use only one product?

Because Bel Essence uses natural ingredients, you can mix and match products. Because only natural ingredients are used, each product may take a few minutes to be absorbed before using a second product.  You can also use one product per application, and either use several products during the day and night, or rotate products in your skin care routine.

Is Bel Essence a moisturizer or an anti-wrinkle cream?

The products work as both.  The oils in the products have emollient properties to moisturize skin, improve moisture barriers to maintain the moisture balance in your skin, as well as vitamins, essential fatty acids and other nutrients that you skin needs to produce hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin for firm skin and reduced wrinkles, as well as anti-oxidants to protect against skin damage.  Certain vitamins in the oils also have been medically proven to reverse photo damage from the sun. 

How long does the product last?

Depending on usage, products last from 1-3 months.  You may find you are using more product more frequently at first, but as your skin gets healthier, you will use less.

The products are listed as having natural ingredients, but you have preservatives in them?

Yes.  Preservatives are required, particularly in the products that contain water.  The oil treatment contains food grade oils that do not require preservatives and are stable (although read below about our recommendations for shelf life).  The preservatives in the other products are less than 1.5% in the formula, and we have researched natural preservatives that are safe and effective..  The preservatives prevent bacterial and fungal growth in the products that can be dangerous to your health. 

How do the ingredients and fragrance affect sensitive skin?

The ingredients are primarily natural oils and by nature, soothing to the skin.  The products are scented with either a touch of vanilla or essential oils.  If there is a reaction to the products, it will most likely be an allergic reaction.  The products contain nut oils, and all the oils are processed in facilities that process nuts.  If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergic reactions, we recommend that you test a small patch of skin for a reaction before any extensive use.

How long before I notice a change in my skin?

Results will vary as skin condition is affected by a variety of factors:  genetics, lifestyle (sun exposure, smoking, alcohol, diet), and environment (pollution, climate, indoor and outdoor air quality).  Your skin regenerates every 28 days, and with any skin care regimen, you will not see permanent changes in your skin for at least a month or two.  Results will be gradual, with areas of your skin with less damage recovering more quickly, and areas of your skin that have suffered more damage from the sun, etc. recovering more slowly, and results may be slower depending on lifestyle and environment factors.  Bel Essence is formulated to provide necessary nutrients so that your skin will regenerate healthy skin cells in its normal life cycle and maintain healthy skin. 

Is the product tested on animals?

Absolutely not!  We test our products the old-fashioned way: we use them ourselves!  Bel Essence has been certified cruelty-free by the CCIC (, and we work to ensure that our ingredients are sourced from companies that do not test on animals.

What is the shelf life?

It is recommended for any cosmetic or skin care product that you do not use past 3-4 months, although you can use Bel Essence products up to 5-6 months.  The Bel Essence creams and lotions contain required preservatives (the safest available), but preservatives in any food or topical product only prevent growth for a certain period of time.  To maintain the safest use of the products, keep your cosmetics and skin care in a cool, dry place.   Because oils are affected by sunlight, the oil products are packaged in colored glass bottles, but it is also recommended that you store them out of direct light as well as in a cool, dry place.  

Can Bel Essence be used with other products?

Bel Essence can be used with other skin care products in your regimen, however, it is recommended that you test a patch of skin before using it extensively with other products.  Because there are thousands of skin care products on the market, it is impossible to test each one with Bel Essence to ensure there will not be a reaction. 

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