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What if we could treat our skin with natural ingredients and rebuild the healthy, glowing skin of our youth?

Nutrition for the Skin

We have all been taught how important good nutrition is for the health of our body. Your skin benefits from good nutrition as well. What we use on our skin - harsh soaps and cleansers, make-up, chemical treatments - can have a detrimental effect, making our skin dry, dull and unhealthy.

Our skin has the incredible ability to heal and regenerate but needs important vitamins, essential fatty acids and other nutrients to build healthy cells.  Giving our skin these important elements allows our skin to naturally recover from environmental damage and the effects of aging, and maintain its maximum health and youth at any age.

Natural  Ingredients

Bel Essence is a natural skin care collection based on a simple principle: nutrition for the skin.  Bel Essence combines natural and organic ingredients that are the richest sources of vitamins, antioxidants, omega 3s and fatty acids to restore healthy skin, and healthy skin is naturally anti-aging. These ingredients have been known for centuries for their healing and restoring properties, and give your skin what it needs to regenerate, rejuvenate and reveal your natural beauty. 

Bel Essence gives you what nature intended and selects and combines ingredients with the highest nutritional benefits to treat and nourish your skin giving you both instant improvement and long term, permanent transformation.

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