Ginger Mint and Cucumber Hydrating Mist

Bel Essence

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Hydration on the go! Dry air in the summer and winter, both outside and inside your home and office can deplete your skin’s natural moisture. This cooling hydrating mist instantly refreshes your skin and gives your skin a moisturizing boost. Ginger and mint cool and refresh your skin, while cucumber and prickly pear soften and hydrate. Just spritz your skin for an instant softness that lasts and give yourself a refreshing lift throughout the day.

  • HYDRATES: Extracts hydrate your skin and draw in moisture. 

  • REFRESHES: Mint and ginger cool your skin for instant refreshment. 

  • REVITALIZES: Plumps your skin, giving you an instant dewy look. 

  • RESTORES: Nourishes your skin with compounds that soften skin, improve skin tone, and reduce damage caused by the environment, giving your skin anti-aging benefits.


  • Soft floral scent
  • Instant cooling
  • Instant hydration and softness
  • Natural, vegan and certified cruelty-free

For more information on all the ingredients, visit our Ingredients page.

USE:  Spray one or two pumps on affected area from a distance of 6 inches.  Allow skin to absorb liquid; no need to massage into skin.  

INGREDIENTS: distilled water, rose hydrosol, cucumber extract, prickly pear extract, ginger extract, mint extract, Geogard (ECOCERT)*

*natural preservative