Yes You Can Have Dry Skin in the Summer!

Yes You Can Have Dry Skin in the Summer!

Jun 17th 2017

sun2.jpgSkin care use is usually much higher in the winter than in the warmer months.  We mistakenly believe that winter weather is much harsher on our skin and we have to protect ourselves only when the weather is cold.  But summer heat can be just a damaging to skin! Just like we are repeatedly told that we should apply sun block year round, after all, the sun is out every day no matter the season, we also need to learn that cold, dry weather isn’t the only threat to our skin.  Summer weather can cause dehydration very easily, and your skin is one of the first organs (your skin is your body’s largest organ!) to suffer the effects of dehydration.  When your body has to conserve water, it uses available hydration to keep the most important body functions running. 

To prevent hydration problems and to help keep your skin healthy, here’s a few things that can contribute to dry skin in warm weather: 

You don’t drink enough water.  If you find your skin looking dry, up your fluid intake.  It’s not enough just to replace fluid you sweat, heat draws hydration from your body.  When you start to feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

Air conditioners dry skin!  Air conditioning will deplete your skin’s natural oils, drying out your skin.  Moisturizing will help counter this.

Not cleaning your skin properly or enough.  We tend to exercise more in the warm weather, and sweat more.  While sweating helps your body rid itself of toxins, if you don’t clean your skin properly, your pores can become clogged with dirt and debris, which will cause, in addition to skin problems, dehydration.  Make sure you use gentle cleansers that clear away debris without drying out your skin.  Which leads us to:

Cleaning or exfoliating too much.  For those of us who like the feeling of clean, smooth skin, washing or exfoliating too frequently or using harsh products can actually harm your skin by stripping away your skin’s natural oils, leaving you with dry, flaky skin.  You can also cause oily skin, because when you strip away your natural oils, your skin begins to overproduce to replace it.  Use gentle cleansers and exfoliators and moisturize your skin with products that will rehydrate your skin and rebuild the moisture barrier in your skin.sun.jpg 

Bel Essence products are made for all climates and seasons.  The oils in the products provide hydration, and nutrition that helps rebuild healthy skin cells, collagen and elastin, and create a moisture barrier in your skin to keep it hydrated no matter what the weather conditions.