We Already Have a Powerful Weapon to Conquer Aging

We Already Have a Powerful Weapon to Conquer Aging

Jun 17th 2017

3-women-laughing.jpgGuess what Hollywood, employers, and youth-obsessed culture...  The US is getting older.  According to the 2014 American Community Survey (source:  U.S. Census Bureau), the median age in the US is 37.7 – almost 40!!!  The youngest state is Utah, with a median age of 30.5, and the oldest is Maine with a median age of 44.1. 

Despite our society collectively growing older, we obsess about staying young.   We want to be young to recapture the energy, vitality and health we had at that time, but not sacrifice the knowledge and wisdom we gained with age.  The fountain of youth we chase is for the appearance and health of youth.

While we wait for science to find that elusive, miracle elixir that preserves our youth forever, we search for that magic potion that will at least keep us looking younger.  Rather than chasing after the latest hot ingredient, procedure or treatment, what if we focused on the miracle we have had all along? 

Nature and evolution have given our bodies incredible power to heal and rejuvenate.  Although limited (we can’t regrow limb or most organs, or recover completely from tragic injuries), each of us possesses an incredible tool to postpone aging.   How we treat our bodies affects all aspects of our health.  The lifestyle choices we make, our environment, all impacts anti-aging.  Creams, lotions, supplements, procedures, injections may be effective in enhancing our youthful looks, but only if we first respect our bodies as they are and allow them to be the best they can be.

healthy-food-copy.jpgOur skin is our body’s largest organ.  It breathes (doctors refer to it as our “external lung”), it protects our more vulnerable internal organs, and it helps our bodies eliminate toxins.  What we put in our bodies and on our skin impacts the functions of this important organ.  Our skin is also is an outward sign of how we treat our bodies.  If we feed ourselves good nutrition, and eliminate lifestyle choices that have a positive impact on our health, we will see a difference in our skin. 

Before you look at expensive and invasive procedures to “improve” your looks, why not look at how we can treat our bodies better, and you’ll see those results in the mirror. What are some of the steps you can take to change your health for the better and conquer aging?